Arriving at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

This is the view of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre as we were approaching the dock. 

The BMSC website states "that for over 35 years, the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre has provided world-class facilities to a community of world-class research biologists, ecologists and oceanographers. It supports diverse coastal and marine research of the highest calibre and is recognized as among the very best research and training facilities in the world.

BMSC was established in 1972 by the Western Canadian Universities Marine Sciences Society in order to provide a permanent base for marine-oriented field operations on the west coast of Canada. The property consists of 75 hectares with approximately 3.0 kilometers of waterfront at the confluence of Grappler and Bamfield Inlets."

The Society has a mandate to:

  • Provide world-class research infrastructure for marine and coastal scientists from the member universities and from other Canadian and International institutes

  • Offer senior undergraduate and graduate courses and programs in marine and coastal sciences

  • Provide training for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and technicians in practical aspects of marine and coastal research

  • Offer in-residence programs in marine biology and general science to schools, colleges, First Nations and other public groups

 The National Award-Winning Public Education Program provides multi-day immersion field trips for school, college and adult learners. While our focus is on marine and coastal sciences, we encourage custom programs that make use of the incredible environments and people of Vancouver Island's West Coast. As part of our commitment to community we are involved in stewardship and conservation projects as well as facilitating innovative and extremely successful volunteer work experiences for young scientists.

Anne Stewart

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

100 Pachena Road

Bamfield, BC V0R-1B0

Phone: 250 728 3301 x226

Fax: 250 728 3452


A group of 36 artists from the Federation of Canadian Artists participated in the 2nd Oceans of Art retreat from January 24-27, 2009. The event is designed to be a fundraiser the Public Education Program at BMSC. Artists will donate a piece of work created from the retreat and proceeds will continue to build a bursary fund to help support school fieldtrips to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Artwork will be available for viewing and sale at the Nanaimo Art Gallery from June 11-29, 2009.

The proceeds of artwork sold from the "Oceans of Art" Gallery exhibition will go towards the BMSC Public Education Program’s bursary fund. Teachers of students requiring financial assistance are invited to contact the Public Education Program for further information.

Or, to assist entire classes with their BMSC Field Trip fundraising efforts, a piece of Oceans of Art work can be donated to them to use for a fundraising activity. Participating classes are asked to please acknowledge the contributing artist in a local press release. Interested teachers are invited to contact the Public Education Program for further information.