In 2012 I completed a twelve-week Directed Study at the Vancouver Island School of Art with Wendy Welch as my advisor.

This course gives students an opportunity to work on a project under the supervision of a faculty member. Students submit an application that contains a proposal outlining what they intend to work on in their directed study. At the end of the project, students present their work to their advisor and one other faculty member for a final critique. Directed Studies can be taken up to a maximum of four times (Directed Studies I, II, III, IV). The student and advisor set up a mutually convenient and regular time to meet on a bi-weekly basis for the duration of the semester. Directed Studies students meet for one hour every two weeks and receive 36 credit hours upon completion.

Danielle Hogan was the faculty member selected for my final critique.

Danielle Hogan, Jill Ehlert and Wendy Welch

Danielle Hogan, Jill Ehlert and Wendy Welch

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Below are images of my presentation in the Slide Room Gallery