In this current series I am inspired by "Intertidal Ecosystems", that region of the seashore formed between low and high tides. I create mixed media collages based on my imagination and perceptions of this natural world. This ever-changing environment with wave-swept rocky shores and tidal pools is the stimulus for my work. Seaweed, algae, starfish, barnacles and name a few species are my sources of inspiration.


I apply washes of colour that parallel those I observe in this natural environment. I create collage materials, manipulating delicate Japanese "Washi" paper by staining, burning and piercing holes, tearing and cutting. These processes yield results that echo the shapes and patterns that I discover and observe in this foreshore region. Marks are drawn with graphite, pen and ink and pencil crayon. I translate the movement of waves and sea foam through washes of white paint and by leaving untouched areas of white paper. It is the beauty and mystery within this watery world of harsh extremes that fascinates and compels me to create this work.


The artwork above - 15" X 10.5" 

All the artwork  below - 11" x 7.5"