I am inspired by "Intertidal Ecosystems" – the ‘littoral zone’ of the seashore formed between low and high tides. This ever-changing habitat with wave-swept rocky shores and tidal pools is the stimulus for my work. I am interested in the dynamic contrasts between strength and fragility, growth and deterioration, beauty and the grotesque that I see animated in this foreshore region.

I create abstract mixed media collages influenced by these polarities and my perceptions of this marine habitat. I construct collage materials manipulating delicate Japanese "Washi" paper by staining, burning and piercing holes. These unconventional processes yield abstract forms that echo the shapes and patterns I study. Textures are interpreted through mark making with graphite, pen and ink, piercing tools, pencil crayon, water colour and fluid acrylic paint. I apply washes of colour that parallel those I observe in this natural environment and translate the movement of waves and sea foam through translucent veils of white paint and leaving untouched areas of white paper. My work is built up in collaged layers creating a sense of textured density.

I am captivated by the delicate nature of intertidal species within this watery world of harsh extremes, which fascinates and compels me to create this work.

The mixed media collage above titled “Connections” is 30" tall x 15" wide

Click here: to see this body of work in the show “SeaForms: The Nature of Creation” at The Chapel Gallery

The mixed media collage above to the right is stretched paper on cradle board. “Living Ocean” 24" tall X 12" wide

The ten mixed media collages below are stretched paper on cradle board. 24" tall X 12" wide

The six mixed media collage works below are 15" tall X 10.5" wide

The twelve mixed media collage works below are 11" tall x 7.5" wide