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This collage concertina book is made from collage materials that I created. 11 1/8” X 45” 2018 I use a method that I call “fluid drawing”. I am mindful of slowing down mind and body, working in a contemplative way. I use small movements with hand and wrist. I work on washi paper, first applying a tea stain; I draw slowly into the wet area with a dip pen using walnut and India ink. The inks spread and create unpredictable lines, I respond to what is before me. I create other collage papers with wax resists, rubbings, perforating holes,folding and creasing paper… melting beeswax on some for a transparent effect…the variations are endless. The end result yields beautiful marks - a history of the actions my body used.

Allowing, 2015 11.25” X 50”

An experimental book of marks exploring and recording unconventional methods of mark making.

This book was part of the Rebound exhibition at Gallery 1580, Victoria, BC. October 3-17 2015. Rebound was a show of experimental new works by 18 west coast artists exploring the book as a contemporary art form.


Rockweed, 2015 7.5” X 11”

This book uses a simple shape of seaweed as the subject to explore mark-making using unconventional tools such as an awl, smoke, fire, needle, thread, hammer and nail.

A range of movements and actions through puncturing, smoking, burning, rubbing, cutting, sewing. meltinbeeswax, piercing, cutting, folding, creasing, kneading, staining, and erasing.