”These drawings emerge through a layering process of the natural and manufactured world. “

In the Transformations series, I draw from objects that exist in the natural and manufactured world to direct the animated forms of my imagination. I combine dissimilar objects such as pomegranates, plankton, decorative curtain tassels, the inner ear and the mechanical structure of a potato masher.

I break these forms into smaller components through a process of drawing, editing and refining. I amalgamate these unlikely combinations creating an invented language of hybrid shapes and patterns. I primarily work on paper employing drawing and painting techniques that incorporate pencil, graphite, pencil crayon, inks, pen, watercolour, gouache and fluid acrylics.

I animate space by creating an ambiguity between figure and ground; spatial tension through contact and overlap of each tangled cluster. Movement is at times contrasted against a shallow or flat space by obscuring objects through a multi-layering of white washes. In other works, movement is fully animated in a full and empty space. I choreograph the movement of networks of shapes, which are either confined or free to move - be it still, slow, flowing, swinging, staccato-like or explosive.

I employ mark making to populate the space and to create an environment; line and incidental marks enliven these characters of my imagination.

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