“I distress and alter each support to metaphorically suggest those natural processes that shape the earth”

This work addresses the physical nature of land; the manifestation of time revealed in strata and landforms, layered with topographical changes. This series references: geology, geography, and maps. Geological formations of Lethbridge, Alberta inform my methodology. This new ongoing body of work alludes to crystalline patterns, sedimentary deposits, rivers, roadways and bridges.

I work on a variety of substrates: drawing papers, mylar, found surfaces such as plastic, cardboard packaging and books. I distress and alter a support to visually and metaphorically suggest those natural processes that shape the earth. Deep earth tones contrasted with areas of high-intensity colour correspond to man-made colour legends from geological time-scales. Ink-drawn lines and marks reference rivers and roadways. I construct a conglomerate of small pieces, which I overlap and layer to echo natural physical features of the earth’s surface.

 The language of cartography and geomorphology - the study of landforms and the processes that shape them - Influence my ideas, inform my choice of materials and the techniques that I employ in the buildup and creation of these drawings.  © Jill Ehlert - 2014   

Click here to see LandForms I and LandForms II in my 2014 show "Through the Strange"



LandForms 1” and 2” are wall-installation pieces that contain a conglomerate of smaller mixed-media collage pieces in varying depths and sizes, these are overlapped and layered together to echo the natural physical features of the earths surface.  These multi-layered earth-based works include a variety of substrates, surfaces with varying depths. Medium: Acrylic paint and special effect mediums, inks, drawing mediums, plaster, mineral-pigment watercolour, gesso. Drawing papers and found surfaces that includes plastic, cardboard packaging and multi-layered wall surfaces. Textbooks on geomorphology.



"LandForms  I "  56" " X 79" © Jill Ehlert - 2014

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"LandForms II"  64.5" x 74.5"   © Jill Ehlert 2014

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Time, elements, coal, bacterial decay, compaction, peat, heat, time, pressure, compression, Joints, faults, altered physically and chemically. Glaciers carved deep winding paths and contours -- creeping, slumping,  forming steep walled valleys. Rivers - ebb and flow over  time and space, retreat, flood, melt. Wind, sand blasting, and of course human manipulation


"Rock Face",, the mixed-media piece below is a mixed-media piece that includes: collage, drawing paper, plaster bandages, dirt, micaceous iron oxide, gesso, dried gesso layers and pieces, tissue paper, layers of 300 pound watercolour paper, fluid acrylics, graphite and glass beads. This piece was executed on illustration board and mounted on a cradle  board.

"Rock Face" 2014 © Jill Ehlert   30" X 40"

Detail below