Gouache and india ink on paper, 22"X22"  ©  Jill Ehlert

Gouache and india ink on paper, 22"X22"  © Jill Ehlert

In September 2013 I participated in a 12-week course titled "Painting with Gouache" with instructor Kate Scoones at the Vancouver Island School of Art, in Victoria, BC, Canada. 

Kate Scoones described the course this way:

This course is an intro to working with gouache, on its own and in combination with other media such as ink and charcoal. Gouache is an expressive opaque water-based paint favoured by many 20th Century artists who appreciated gouache for its lush saturated colours and ease of use. Gouache is similar to watercolour but with an added inert white pigment. The result is paint with a smooth, matte finish that is almost velvety in appearance. It is compatible with other water-based media such as acrylic, watercolour, ink, and markers, as well as the dry media of pastels and colour pencil. In many ways gouache embodies the finer qualities of watercolour, oils and acrylics while avoiding many of their limitations.


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