A group of 35 artists from the Federation of Canadian Artists participated in the 2nd Oceans of Art retreat, January 2009, at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Building on the success of the inaugural Oceans of Art in 2005, the event was again designed to raise funds for the Public Education Program at BMSC. Artists donated a piece of work created from the retreat with the proceeds going to the BMSC bursary fund that supports school field trips. 

Oceans of Art was exhibited at the Nanaimo Art Gallery June 11-27, 2009. 


Click here to view work in this exhibit  - there may be works still available for purchase.

 One workshop I attended in the biotechnology lab  - "The big world of small things" was a microscopic examination of plankton. I was so fascinated by this micro world that the painting I donated to the "Oceans of Art" fundraising show was based on plankton.  

The painting below was my contribution to this fundraising event. [Sold]  Click here to view my images and recollection of the trip.

 "Big World of Small"  30" x 40"    © Jill Ehlert - 2009

 "Big World of Small"  30" x 40"    © Jill Ehlert - 2009