Paul and I were part of the New York City Art Tour with the Vancouver School of Art. We had a spectacular time. New York City is clean, safe, fun, filled with friendly people everywhere and something to see in every square inch. We were part of an architecture tour, we experienced Times Square at night; Museum of Modern Art, The Highline, The Hudsons Yards, The Whitney Museum of Art, a boat tour around the island of Manhattan, The Drawing Centre; a private photography walk-through for Paul and me in SOHO and China Town with local photographer James Maher; “Smoke Jazz and Supper Club” especially to hear jazz musician, Mike LaDonne, a jazz pianist and B-3 organist; he is one of Paul’s favorite jazz musicians. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea art district, Chelsea Market, The Museum of Art and Design. It was an action packed 7 days, walking 10 miles each day and one day we topped it at 15 miles. Some of those days, we even took the subway.

Eastward bound over the Rockies - heading to New York City.

Eastward bound over the Rockies - heading to New York City.


We arrived at our hotel in the theatre district in NYC about 5:30 on May 6th. Later in the evening around 8:30, Paul and I walked a few blocks past all of the theatres to Times Square. What an experience, so many lights from all the billboards, at times it almost felt like daylight surrounded us, and yet there was black sky over head - very different feeling. Lots of people and of course a real buzz. Walking through Times Square in the daylight is just not the same as a night-time experience.

I will be posting more photos from the trip.