Curatororial work over the past year at The Chapel Gallery

I have been really busy since September, when my show ”SeaForms: The Nature of Creation” was installed at The Chapel Gallery. I was in attendance for all of the Saturday’s and a couple of Monday’s that the gallery was open, I enjoyed meeting people and talking about my work, We had 115 people attend on the opening night and over the course of five weeks, we had about 200 people come to the gallery to see my work. We had wonderful talks and I was overwhelmed by the reception to this new body of work.

Once my show ended on October 30th, 2018 —Nicky Rendell the lead curator at The Chapel Gallery asked me to join her on the curatorial team. My husband Paul B. Peters also joined the team to act as the installer for gallery shows.

So far, since the gallery opened with my solo show in September, we have curated and mounted six other gallery shows. There were solo shows by Victoria artists Sharon A. Stone, Catherine Fraser, Roberta Pyx Sutherland, Marney Ward and Christine Gollner. The Chapel Gallery recently had a group show with the St. Matthias and Abbeychurch communities, which brought it to a total of six exhibitions for our first year.

Each show had a great turn out for the art opening and artist talk and all these events were well attended. Below are the posters for each of the 6 shows that the gallery has produced over the past 10 months.

It has been a lot of work helping to get this gallery on its feet and going but it has been a great experience. Now that the gallery has been through its first full year and after much thought, I have decided that it is time to get back into my studio full-time. As well I have decided to offer workshops once again in my studio., therefore I will give up my position with the Chapel Gallery. What a great year with great experiences.