Art Opening November 1 at 7:30 pm  


Difference and Repetition, an exhibition which derives its title from the book of the same name by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, explores Deleuze's concept of how a new series brings back an older series and transforms it into something completely new, so that repetition brings about difference.

30 artists from diverse backgrounds and working independently from one another will be contributing one unit (of exactly the same size) in a series derived from a single source - "Abstract painting (1985) 587-5" by the German artist Gerhard Richter.

Richter's work is in a sense itself a series; however in his case a series of unpredictable chaotic and gestural actions resulted in a single work which is impossible to recreate accurately. His series within a single work (Abstract painting (1985) 587-5) will itself be transformed into a new series consisting of 30 original works.


Exhibit runs from Nov 1 to Dec 2 2013

Opening Reception: Friday Nov 1 @ 7:30 pm

Slide Room Gallery

Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA)

2549 Quadra Street

Gouache Painting


I am also participating in a gouache painting course at VISA. My drawings over the past couple of years include watercolour, pen and ink, pencil, and pencil crayons. Gouache being opaque and flat will be a great contrast and companion to the transparency of the watercolour medium.

The description of the course on the VISA website:

Gouache (gwash) is an expressive, opaque, water-based paint favoured by 20th century artists such as Henri Matisse, Joan Miro and Francis Bacon. Gouache is popular today with many contemporary artists such as Olaf Hajek, Anish Kapoor and Maira Kalman who appreciate gouache for its lush, saturated colours and ease of use. Gouache is similar to watercolour but with an added inert white pigment. The result is paint with a smooth, matte finish that is almost velvety in appearance. It is compatible with other water-based media such as acrylic, transparent watercolour, ink, and markers, as well as the dry media of pastels and coloured pencil. In many ways gouache embodies the finer qualities of watercolour, oils and acrylics while avoiding many of their limitations. This course introduces students to gouache through a series of imaginative and creative weekly assignments. Course delivery will include hands-on demos, examples of other artists' works and critique.


Kate Scoones is teaching this “Painting with gouache” course. Kate is a great teacher, enthusiastic and boy does she ever know the properties of gouache and how to use it. Check out Kates website to read about her and to see her beautiful work in oil paint and gouache.

Kate Scoones - Tramp the Speedway Poodle





My art practice has grown immensely through my explorations into new methods of drawing and studying contemporary art themes with Wendy Welch.

This fall I am participating in “Advanced Drawing 1” with Wendy Welch at VISA.


“In this graduate level course, students will develop ideas and methods within the expansive realm of what is considered to be 'drawing' in today's world of contemporary art. The focus is on developing drawings that are part of a specific series based on a theme. Each individual will discover a theme through investigating personal areas of interest. An important aspect of this course is group critique and developing an understanding on how to discuss drawings in a contemporary context. Classes will include presentations on contemporary drawing, group and one-on-one critiques as well as studio time.” 


The focus of my art practice over the past three years has been on drawing.

Steven Aimone

In 2010 I participated in two “Expressive Drawing” workshops with Steven Aimone Both workshops were held in Nanaimo through Vancouver Island workshops which is owned and operated by my good friend Mary Stewart.


Vancouver Island School of Art


In the summer of 2011 I began taking contemporary drawing classes at the Vancouver Island School of Art [VISA] in Victoria, BC, Canada.

These drawing classes are neither the typical introduction level classes nor learning the basics of materials, techniques and elements of design. The focus is on current themes in contemporary drawing such as: Science and Nature, Abstract Pencil Drawing, Making a Mark, Contemporary Botanical, Memory & Nostalgia, Language of Mapping, Ornamentation and Decoration. “The focus of these drawing classes has been on a mixed media approach to the imaginative explorations in image making.“


Wendy Welch


Wendy Welch has been my instructor for all of these drawing classes with the exception of “Making a Mark”, which was taught by Danielle Hogan.

Wendy's practice includes sculpture, painting, drawing, art writing and curatorial work. Wendy has taught at the Victoria College of Art, the University of Victoria and Camosun College. Wendy has had solo exhibitions at Open Space and at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Wendy is founder and director of the Vancouver Island School of Art and teaches classes as well.  - great article on Wendy Welch in Boulevard Magazine



                                                                  Wendy Welch - Cells 1

Palouse trip - day 4

Here are some selected photos from today's adventure. It feels like the colour green is more dominant than where I live on Vancouver Island. Temperatures were in the high 20's today, blue blue sky, huge fluffy clouds. My favourite part was the canola field with its sweet scent. I also loved parking close to the wheat fields, so close I could touch it, sitting there with my window down watching the waving motion as the wind ran up one side like a xylophone and listening to the sound of the wind. I really feel alive in this landscape.


Palouse trip July 2013 - day 2 sketches

Saturday, Paul and I explored the surrounding area of Ellensburg, WA. One area was the Kittitas Valley Wind Farm, about 12 miles northeast of Ellensburg. This wind farm has 48 wind turbines, at 262 feet tall with each blade being 144 feet long. Quite the sight to see from a distance and up close.

We had lunch in Ellensburg at the Red Horse Diner that had 17 choices of hamburgers - of course we had fries; it was delicious. This diner was filled with gas station memorabilia. It was a neat neat place.

On our way to Colfax we took a side detour to see the Palouse Falls - 199 feet tall - this is the confluence of the Palouse and the Snake River. The canyon is 377 feet deep.


                   Red Horse Diner, photo by Paul B. Peters


Palouse Falls, photo by Paul B. Peters  -  To see Paul's pictures of our visits to the Paulouse:

Sketches on the move

Tidbits from our first day - little thumbnails that I drew as we drove along. Our final destination Friday was Ellensberg, WA. Which photo do you prefer - colour or black and white?


On the Road Again!

On board the 9 AM BC Ferries sailing. We are headed to the wheat lands of SE Washington for a 10 day artistic adventure.


Big Sky Easel

I recently purchased the Opus - Big Sky Multi-Angle Easel at Opus Framing and Art Supplies in Victoria BC. Web page for the easel:

I like the idea that this easel can rotate to a horizontal position - this will be great for painting with washes, fluid acrylics, pours and other mixed-media processes that include a lot of water. Essentially another table top.

What Opus says about this easel:

Expand your horizons with the Big Sky Multi Angle Easel. It has a solid H-Frame design and a 4-point base giving you the stability and support to work on tall and wide canvas. Being made out of beech wood and having locking caster wheels make it not only sturdy but lightweight and easy to move. It features a large storage tray underneath to hold paints, brushes, mediums and other materials.

What makes the Big Sky Multi-Angle Easel diverse is its tilt-abled canvas holder that allows you to paint vertically or horizontally. This makes the Big Sky useful for multi-media work, priming canvas or painting watercolours. Simply tighten the screws at the rear to lock the canvas in place.
Need some more space in your studio? Once set in it’s horizontal position simply place a flat surface on top to make it into a table.
Click here for assembly instructions PDF.

Max canvas height: 84″
Max easel height: 88″
Base width/depth: 26″/31″
Weight: 50 lbs
Want to see the Big Sky in action? Click on this link to view on YouTube:


Pathways through the rainforest

One of my favourite things to do is walk through the forests at Long Beach. Here a couple of favourite areas. 

                            Boardwalk through the rainforest at Pacific Sands Resort on Cox Bay near Tofino BC

                                            Pathway in Rainforest near Tongquin Park, Tofino BC

                                            Pathway in Rainforest near Tongquin Park, Tofino BC

                                         Walking beside salal and ferns near Pacific Sands Resort on Cox Bay.

Tofino, BC

Recently I was on a Long Beach trip with my good friend Shirley who lives in my hometown of Calgary. We have known each other for 40 years. Shirley and I stayed at the Middle Beach Lodge about 2 miles from Tofino. Below are images of the lodge and surrounding area. That is a picture of Shirley just behind the globe.

Shirley and I enjoyed a whale watching cruise with "Marine Adventures". Wow, what a lot of fun. The covered boat holds 12 people but this day there were 9 of us on board We saw lots of gray whales fairly close to the boat, first you see a puff of steam coming from the blow hole and then a slow movement of their back just out of the water and slipping back into the water. Those on board who hadn't seen this before screamed in glee each time! At times we sped along really fast and slammed down and up and down and up, into and against the waves, I really enjoyed it and found it thrilling. On our way back we stopped by a small island with an outcropping of rocks where sea lions, puffins and many other sea life and birds inhabit. 


I fell in love with the tangled networks of seaweeds.  

I was in total awe by the tidal pools and all the sea life. I am so inspired that my next series will be based on the tangled networks above and the sea life below.  I have already started my initial drawings. Stay tuned for sneak peeks along the way.