Polly Hammett

Polly Hammett is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Societyand the National Watercolor Society  and a professional member of the American Art Therapy Association. She has designed workshops for counselors, educators and therapists; and has conducted these painting workshops, as well as others, across the country and Canada. She is an exciting and innovative instructor who conducts workshops all around the nation.

According to Polly Hammett, "Each of us is as individual as our fingerprints. This individuality is a result of a lifelong accumulation of information gathered from personal experiences and impressions which provide a strong foundation for future independent growth in our painting as well as all areas of our lives." 

Design with the Figure

In this Creative Catalyst Production instructional DVD,innovative instructor Polly Hammet teaches you mixed media techniques for design with the human figure.

Learn Polly Hammett's unique, multifaceted and open-ended design approach as she develops and completes a painting. From this experienced teacher you will gain skills and techniques in a wide variety of topics:

  • design considerations
  • interaction with models
  • creative use of contour drawing
  • figure placement and the impact on their meaning to the viewer
  • developing a background
  • manipulating dark and light patterns to achieve a strong visual statement
  • lifting lights
  • adding texture
  • use of exaggeration and distortion
  • the importance of transitions
  • stamping.

Polly also shares many insights on subjects integral to being an artist including how to benefit from critique groups. Artists will find Polly's design concepts applicable to any subject.