Carla O'Connor

Carla O'Connor  -  Time Travellers  30" X 22" Gouache

Carla O'Connor - Time Travellers 30" X 22" Gouache

Carla O'Connor - Beach Walkers 30" X 40" Gouache 

Carla O'Connor - Beach Walkers 30" X 40" Gouache 


Creative Catalyst Productions  produces the highest quality art instruction videos for many skill levels in a variety of mediums. I own several of these DVD's and I have found them to be a first class product and they are very informative . The most recent one that I purchased is by Carla O'Connor.

Creative Catalyst Productions states on their website :

"Carlahas worked extensively with all media, from oil to pastel, but eventually found her love in gouache. She believes every medium is capable of saying something different. Gouache was the one that finally spoke truest to her. With gouache Carla creates shapes (she's a self described "shape maker"), using the human form as her guide. As an artist, Carla focuses on design. Many of her workshops focus on incorporating design principles into students' work.

Carla's art world extends far beyond her canvas. She has become a much sought-after workshop instructor and has taught all over the world. She has served on juries for prestigious national and international exhibitions, including shows for the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the Adirondacks International Exhibition of American Watercolors."

I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Carla about 5 years ago - she is a fabulous and gifted teacher. Carla is well organized and I got a week packed with information that was worth its weight in gold.