Mary Stewart

 Mary Stewart "60 Cycles Per Second" 12" X 12" Mixed Media

Mary Stewart is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists - several months ago she received  Associate (AFCA) Status. This status is achieved through a selective process of those Active members consistently having demonstrated superior ability in the General Members' Exhibitions and through other jury criteria. 

The painting "60 Cycles per Second" won an FCA Award in the show Canvas Unbound II which was held at the Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC - May 29 - June 10 2007. This painting also graced the cover of "art avenue"  a publication of the Federation. (Vol. 7 - No.5 September /October 2007)

Mary describes this painting: "Houses and their symbolic parts have appeared in my artwork since our purchase of a 1918 Craftsman style house in need of restoration. My husband recently replaced the entire elctrical system and as his "apprentice" I became familiar with some of the terminology. "60 cylces per second" is the standard frequency (hertz) for household elecrtrical current in North America.

My painting is a collaged mixed media piece that started with old schematic drawings and an electrical template. The warm oranges and reds represent the heat genereated by electicity. Their placement on the cool coloured background causes the viewer's eye to "cycle" around the canvas."

More of Mary's work can be seen in the Summer 2007 show also shown at the Federation Gallery.

Mary also operates "Vancouver Island Workshops" in Nanaimo, BC. Over the past several years Mary has  brought to Nanaimo many well known artists from Canada and the United States to teach 5-day workshops. I have attended several of these workshops with artists such as Gerald Brommer, Carole Barnes, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Ann Zelinksi, Suzanne Northcott, Jane Pederson and Carolyn Houg. In the spring of 2009 Mary has Pat Dews teaching a 5-day workshop.

Mary is a brilliant workshop organizer who creates a wonderful atmosphere that is comfortable for both teacher and student. She works tirelessly to produce a workshop experience that the student can relax in and enjoy every moment. Mary's behind the scenes work takes care of every detail, right down to a never ending supply of coffee, tea and snacks, such as the famous cheese ball, veggies and decadent desserts offered thoughout the day. Thank you Mary for all the hard work that you do.