Art Kit for "Oceans of Art Retreat" at Bamfield


I made the decision to work entirely in a sketchbook while on my “Oceans of Art Retreat” to Bamfield. I made the sketchbook using directions from Teesha Moore’swebsite; instead of canvas boards I used mat boards in order to make the book more flexible to hold and to work in.

Preparation: I have given several of the pages a background: white, black and gold gesso; Gloss medium; heavy white gesso with texture impressed into it; blue wash, Quinacridone Gold wash, various stamping techinques etc.


I used Strathmore Aquarius II Watercolor Paper for the signatures in the sketchbook. Strathmore describes this Paper: “Strathmore Aquarius II is made with an innovative combination of cotton and synthetic fibers that work beautifully with all watercolor techniques. This lightweight 80 lb (170 gsm) sheet was created to reduce the buckling and swelling found in other sheets of the same weight.”

I have used this paper for my mixed media work with acrylics and various drawing mediums. It lays flat and takes a lot of abuse. I just love this paper.

I am also taking a mini sketchbook – 3”X4” and a Moleskine 5” X 8”


Acrylics: I bought little paint pots from Michael’s to hold my favourite Golden Acrylic paints:

Hansa yellow medium, Yellow ochre, Quinacridone Magenta, Napthol Red, Phthalo Blue (green shade), Phthalo Green (blue shade), Zinc white. These particular colours are part of the GOLDEN Principal 8 Color Mixing System

Mediums: I filled other pots with acrylic gloss and matte medium, white and black gesso and soft gel medium.

Watercolours: I have a little mini watercolour kit that I got as a gift years ago, I fill up the wells with my Winsor Newton watercolours. This time I am taking two triads:

Rose Madder, Alizarin, Cobalt Blue and Aureolin Yellow;

Cadmium Red, New Gamboge, French Ultramarine and Hookers Green.

In the picture above you can see two watercolor discs – a stacking kit made in China on sale at a local art store for $3.99. I have no idea how these will work but given how small they are I threw them in and will give them a try.

Gouache: Black, white and Holbein Jaune Brilliant #2 

Pens, Pencils and Brushes

I have included a variety of pens. My favourite is a Rotring Art Pen in “F” nib size. This takes a water soluble ink (do not use an india ink) I love this pen and one of the things I like best is that I can give the drawing a wash of water to add values where I need them. I am including a variety of graphite pencils ranging from 2B to 6B and 2H, a mechanical pencil, a few watercolour graphite pencils. I also have a set of 4 PITT artist pens in a sanguine colour. I have chosen a variety of water color pencilsand a few of my favourite brushes - Gold Sable, Series 800.


I have a mini strippable palette, UHU glue stick, paper towels, small jar for water, small spray bottle, a couple of plastic credit cards for scraping and mark-making, two corks and an Exacto knife to carve into them to make a stamp.