The Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries and on to Brady's Beach


The Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries is a combination conference centre, teaching facility, and marine sciences laboratory for the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. The purpose of the Rix Centre is to facilitate the interaction between leading edge marine sciences research and entrepreneurial business interests. The 1200 sq.m. facility includes a spectacular ‘shell’ roofed & glazed reception area overlooking Barkley Sound, a combination classroom and lecture hall space also on the upper level, and both wet and dry laboratories, computer laboratories, seminar rooms, and offices on the lower level. The superior acoustics of the main reception hall prompted Music-by-the-Sea to choose The Rix Centre as venue for their annual music school and festival.

View out the window of "The Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries" looking across to the Coast Guard Station which is on the west side of Bamfield inlet.

On our way to West Bamfield which is across the Bamfield inlet from the Marine Sciences Centre. You can see another skiff in the background being filled with artists. That is Cindy Mawle and Wax Williams in the boat I am travelling in. This was about a two minute boat ride.

Brady's Beach and open water