Live & Learn: Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within

Live & Learn: Expressive Drawing (AARP) (Hardcover)

By Steven Aimone

ISBN: 1600592813

Format: Hardcover, 204 pages

Publish Date: September 2009

Publisher: Lark Books

From the Publisher:

The many people who long to draw--but feel too intimidated to try--will rejoice at the wonderful first entry in this brand-new creative series. Written by arts educator Steve Aimone, it's packed with solid, friendly, hands-on instruction, as well as inspiring images, and backed by the trusted AARP name. Aimone teaches an accessible style called expressive drawing that emphasizes line and mark, rather than rendering a specific object, which for many people, can create barriers to self-expression. Exercises start off simple and quick, encouraging readers to work on instinct and feeling, while the later ones focus on detail and refinement. The book features hundreds of images of work by well-known artists from Dubuffet to Jim Dine--and each chapter includes a profile of someone who came to drawing late in life and achieved recognition. - Branded with the respected AARP name, which carries weight with millions of buyers - The first book in a series focusing on creative and popular topics - There is no other book on the market that combines a hands-on approach to expressive drawing with a coffee-table-level collection of master-status artists from various periods who work in this style - Aimone's warm, reassuring voice and his unintimidating approach make learning enjoyable.

Steven Aimone (M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing, Brooklyn College) is an artist, fine arts instructor, and independent curator who has taught numerous design workshops and courses to a wide variety of audiences: professional artists and craftspeople, college students, museum patrons, and school teachers. He is the author ofDESIGN! A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists and Craftspeoplepublished by Lark Books / Barnes and Noble (harcover in 2004, paperback in 2007).

Aimone was a resident of Manhattan for most of his adult life where he earned an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Brooklyn College. His paintings and collage compositions have been the subject of four solo exhibitions in New York City, where he was also represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, and are included in corporate and private collections nationally.

Aimone has taught painting, drawing, and design at both Western Carolina University in North Carolina and Stetson University in Florida. Aimone now teaches "The Spiritual Language of Art" workshops--and offers related fine arts lectures--through Aimone Art Services.