Sandra Cinto

During our spring break to Seattle we were fortunate to view this beautiful site-specific installation by Sandra Cinto. Cinto worked with a team of volunteers to draw thousands of silver paint lines on the wall. Watch this video to see a great collaboration between this visiting artist and local Seattleites. 

Sandra Cinto 1.jpg

Detail of  Encontro das Águas                                   

Photo Credit - Jill Ehlert

Encontro das Águas [Encounter of Waters}

Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park April 14, 2012 - April 14, 2013.

Sandra Cinto a São Paulo--based artist created Encontro das Águas as
a site-specific installation for the Olympic Sculpture Park's PACCAR Pavilion in Seattle Washington.

Cinto's Encontro das Águas is a large but intricate wall drawing that conveys a view of an expansive waterscape. 

"Cinto works directly on the wall and transforms a single line, repeated at different angles and lengths, into a titanic image of water that expresses both renewal and risk. As a counterpoint to this unbridled seascape, Cinto incorporates stories about individuals who were rescued at sea, to show the endurance of the human spirit in difficult circumstances."  

–Marisa C. Sánchez, Associate Curator, Modern & Contemporary Art