Cricket Display Pins

I wanted to share with you these great display push pins. 

In my recent show at Lake Country Public Art Gallery the curator Katie Brennan used these to hang my unframed paper pieces. 

These Cricket display pins are amazing! No more holes in your paper from regular push pins. Once you know where your paper will be positioned on the wall you press the pin into the wall, then slip the corners of your paper under the flexible cricket wing. One of my pieces in the show  is 48" x 48" - it is quite heavy from several coats of gesso on the back and several coats of matte medium on the front. You can opt for them just in the top corners, but for this large piece the cricket display pins hold it securely in its four corners.

The cricket display pins are only available in the states but can be shipped to Canada via UPS and is extremely expensive. If any of you want some let me know and I will place an order and have it shipped to a friend in the states and will pick up next time I am there. Check it out.

30 = $3.49   80 = $9.99