New Directions

Over the next several weeks I will be exploring mark making in order to create a new lexicon for my art practice. My intention is to develop a new new series from this exploration..

Physical movement and large gestural strokes

Taping a sponge brush to a long handle and working outside with the paper on the ground, I dipped the brush into India Ink, employing the gesture of my body to create marks. I wasn't thinking but just allowing to let what would happen lead me on to the next set of marks and brush strokes. Usually I would use a synthetic brush for this but trying to get out of my comfort zone I forced myself to use a sponge brush, something I would not choose for his type of challenge.

22" x 30 " India ink on paper

48" x 60" India Ink on paper


Direct Marking using Hands and Tools

In this piece. while standing I poured powdered charcoal on my paper, using my fingers and sometimes a chamois I rubbed the powder in here and there. Using an eraser I removed areas creating white lines and shapes. I created marks on top using a variety of charcoal sticks. Inspired by the plants in my garden, I quickly drew gestures of plant forms. I used the movement of my whole body not just my wrist. I worked quickly - not over thinking this exercise.

22" x 30" Charcoal on paper


Finger Printing - direct marking using my pointer finger

Using only my pointer finger I created all the marks below.. My goal was to see what I could do with just one finger tip. I varied pressure, position, angle…side, top, tip, whole pad…etc. very cool.

14" x 30"  India Ink and pointer finger on paper