Collecting - Green - December 16, 2015

There is so many greens to choose from here on Vancouver Island. This time of year it almost seems like the land of Oz. I decided to focus on the unusual, I found several different types of lichens, in the categories of the mantles and the hairs. I found an interesting website: Lichens

I added in the seed pod and the two silver green leaves from a Dusty Miller plant for contrast. 

In the image below I included my found objects from the same walk. I have to say the country roads I walk on are very clean as I really have to look and scout about for any garbage. I couldn't believe that I came across a green cigarette package as a few days before, it definitely wasn't there. I found an invitation printed on green card stock that cars had driven over so many times that holes were worn in it and I had to pry it off the road - it took on a look of the green "mantle" lichen. A bottle cap with  a forwards and backward "F" and the name"Fermentorium". A white plastic straw with a yellow stripe, pull tab, red candy wrapper, a stone with a greenish tinge to it and one red berry. I have said this before but it is amazing what I see and discover when I am focused on one colour; there are so many things that I would overlook otherwise. Give it a try!