Upcoming show I am participating in: April 25 to May 31, 2016

Update: The show has been extended to May 31, 2016

The Robert Bateman Centre

470 Belleville Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 1W9, Canada

Hours:  Daily: 10am - 5pm    Details: http://batemancentre.org/visit/

Website for this special exhibition:  http://endangeredartexhibits.weebly.com/

Participating Artists:

Diana Durrand -  www.dianadurrand.com/

Natasha van Netten  - www.natashavannetten.com/

Jill Ehlert  -  www.jillehlert.com/

Connie Michele Morey  -  www.conniemorey.com/

David Hunwick  -  www.thesculpturestudio.net

Luis-Mario Guerra   -    www.luismarioguerra.weebly.com/

Carol Thompson  -  www.carolethompson.ca/

Trish Shwart  -   www.trishshwart.com/

Caren Willms  -  www.carenwillms.weebly.com/

 "Devils Hole pupfish" (Cyprinodon diabolis) © 2016 Jill Ehlert  13" X 19"

Watercolour, pencil crayon, walnut and acrylic inks on Arches Watercolour paper.

Large signature is only a watermark for internet and does not appear on original artwork.

Artist statement - Jill Ehlert

The endangered Devils Hole pupfish is significant to me given my interest in aquatic environments and water related species. There were only 131 Cyprinodon diabolis recorded in the biannual count conducted in September 2015. My watercolour painting focuses on a limestone shelf that measures 3.0 X 6.3 metres, which the pupfish depend on for spawning and for much of their diet. The pupfish eat primarily microscopic diatoms, a type of algae that clings to large bright green filamentous algae. Other species found on this shelf are tiny invertebrates: amphipods, spring snails, two types of beetles, and flatworms. The Devils Hole pupfish are considered the rarest fish in the world; they measure one-inch long and are so named, as they seem as playful as puppies. In this artwork, I enlarged the pupfish and took artistic license varying the scale of the microscopic world that surrounds them.