Drawing From Life

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Drawing from Life

Dawing from LIfe: The Journal as Art     Jennifer New

Keeping a journal has become a popular means of creativity and self-expression.

Here the works of 35 contemporary and historical journal keepers are explored through visual elements such as drawings, photos, collage, charts and detritus taped into journal pages. The images are accompanied by profiles that highlight journal-keeping habits and the creative process driving the writer.

The examples used here have been provided by contributors from all professions and walks of life, including David Byrne, Mike Figgis, Carol Beckwith and Sophie Binder. Their examples will provide journalers with a host of new ideas to enhance their own journals.

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Drawing from life, John Copeland_

Books on Sketchbooks

I love drawing and working in sketchbooks, this is a passion of mine. Over the years I have created many sketchbooks and continue to do so. I also love looking at books about sketchbooks.Today I introduce you to this one:

by author Richard Brereton

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"New" - Palouse sketchbook "Mapping the trip"

Here is a sampling from the "map journeys" book I created while on this trip to the Palouse area of SE Washington.