Last weekend I attended "The Victoria Book and Paper Show" held in Sidney, BC. I felt somewhat intimidated as I had never been to anything like this before. I approached a few vendors and explained the type of thing I was looking for. I had several shakes of the head but kept looking. Most things that I liked were collectibles and therefore really expensive, too expensive to tear up into collage bits I felt. Just as I was about to leave I browsed once more at the second booth I happend upon and there on the floor was a pile of Punch Magazines. The magazines date from 1927 with about 20+ pages in each magazine. They are filled with really neat line drawings, graphics, political cartoons, text, advertisements - all with sharp contrast - all great for tearing up and putting into my collage work.

I hadnever been to something like this show before and didn't really know where to begin, but perservering and asking questions helped a lot to gain confidence. I also purchased a small elementary text book of anatomy, physiology and hygiene again with really neat diagrams and yellowed pages. As well I got two small log books with handwriting, one a personal log book for someone buuiding an aircraft and the other a small farm income log with lots of mathematical calcualtions scribbled throughout. The types of items that you would find at this sale are: paper money, stamps, comic books, regular books, maps, old brochures, advertising, sports cards, magazines, post cards, autographs, paperbacks, postal covers, photographs, complete photograph albums, cigarette cards, catlogues, posters, newspapers - and tons more!

This group will hold another book and paper show in the same venue in November.