SeaForms: The Nature of Creation - Mixed Media Collage work by Jill Ehlert at The Chapel Gallery opening Friday September 21, 2018 5:00-7:00 with an artist talk at 5:30. Show continues to October 31, 2018.



Click here to view more photos from the opening night and to watch a video of Jill describing her sources of inspiration and some of her art processes.



Upcoming solo show September 21 - October 31

I am pleased to announce that I will be having a solo show of my mixed media collages in Victoria, BC at “The Chapel Gallery”. This brand new dedicated space has been completely transformed into a beautiful gallery. 

The Chapel Gallery:  engaging the community in appreciating creativity

The Chapel Gallery invites the local arts community to exhibit a variety of visual art mediums.  The Gallery particularly seeks works of a socially relevant, contemplative and reflective nature.  The Gallery sees itself as a gallery “like no other”. There are other multifunctional, not-for-profit spaces, but the Gallery envisions ongoing beneficial and educational interaction with the community  -- including those who might never have visited an “art gallery” before.  
The Gallery also envisions a way to share our understanding of the creativity of the Divine with the community – including those who might never think of entering a church. The folk of St. Matthias want to share a safe space for appreciating creativity. 

The Chapel Gallery @ St. Matthias, Fairfield 600 Richmond Avenue, Victoria, BC 



Working away on my mixed-media collage pieces that are inspired by the intertidal zone. Having a great time.

Details of the pieces above.


I am teaching 4 workshops in July and August 2016


The Vancouver Island School of Art is a learning community dedicated to the advancement of art education through comprehensive programs and presentations for adults of all ages. The focus of the courses and workshops offered by the school is on technique, personal expression and contemporary context.

All workshops can be taken for credit towards one of  VISA'S PROGRAMS  (Certificate or Diploma). 

Unless noted, all workshops have materials included and are suitable for beginners.

Mixed Media: Surface Textures (MMED w136)

This workshop will introduce you to ways of creating texture in drawings and paintings using acrylic pastes and grounds. Light molding paste, fibre paste, absorbent ground, gesso, fine pumice and acrylic ground for pastels will be explored. You will learn a variety of techniques including resists, rubbing, lifting, scraping, incising, veiling and burnishing. You will work on watercolour paper, cradled panel and stretched canvas. The workshop includes demonstrations and hands-on practice and will provide you with endless ideas and approaches for drawing and painting projects. The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. Material fee covers specialty materials and surfaces. 
Jul 1 - 3 Friday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Jill Ehlert 
Tuition: $295.00 (18 hrs) Material Fee: $25 (materials included)

Sketchbook Development (DRWG w132-6)

This daylong workshop consists of a series of fast-paced exercises to get you comfortable with working in your sketchbook. A wide range of ideas, materials and techniques will be explored. Backgrounds, mark-making explorations, sketching, drawing and writing will also be covered. You will leave this workshop inspired to make your sketchbook a part of your daily practice. No experience necessary. All materials are provided, including a sketchbook and pens for you to take home with you. No experience necessary. 
Jul 17 Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Jill Ehlert 
Tuition: $150.00 (6 hrs) (materials included) 
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Drawing: Pen & Ink and Found Tools (DRWG w167)

In this workshop, you will create a personal visual language of marks and textures, beginning with making marks with a traditional dip pen with a variety of nibs using India and walnut ink. You will learn ways to hold the pen as well as how to control movement, speed, pressure and spacing. You will build on your vocabulary by making your own unconventional tools, beginning with a "Cola" pen, a handmade dip pen/nib, and then you will transform found objects into drawing tools that you will use with ink. "Found" tools will include sticks, twigs, cotton swabs, fingers, toothpicks, dried plant material, bamboo skewers, string, seedpods, feathers and wire. Surfaces to work on will include: Mylar, Stonehenge, tracing and rice paper. The workshop includes demonstrations and hands-on practice. 
Jul 29 - 31 Friday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Jill Ehlert 
Tuition: $295.00 (18 hrs) (materials included)


Mixed Media: Creating Backgrounds (MMED w152)

The focus of this workshop is on making a variety of surfaces that can be used for drawings or paintings, or as works of art on their own. You will learn how to create backgrounds using a variety of mixed-media techniques with resists, washes, gesso veils, ink runs, rust printing, stamping, folding, crumpling, rubbing, burning and waxing. You will use new and found surfaces to work on, such as Mylar, Yupo, watercolour, printmaking, rice, and tracing papers. The workshop includes demonstrations and hands-on practice. This workshop will give you a compilation of ideas and approaches to use in drawing, painting or collage work. All materials are included but you are encouraged to bring an assortment of surfaces to work on, such as cardboard, book pages, commercial papers, plastic and newspaper. 
Aug 12 - 14 Friday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Jill Ehlert 
Tuition: $295.00 (18 hrs) (materials included)





Last weekend I attended "The Victoria Book and Paper Show" held in Sidney, BC. I felt somewhat intimidated as I had never been to anything like this before. I approached a few vendors and explained the type of thing I was looking for. I had several shakes of the head but kept looking. Most things that I liked were collectibles and therefore really expensive, too expensive to tear up into collage bits I felt. Just as I was about to leave I browsed once more at the second booth I happend upon and there on the floor was a pile of Punch Magazines. The magazines date from 1927 with about 20+ pages in each magazine. They are filled with really neat line drawings, graphics, political cartoons, text, advertisements - all with sharp contrast - all great for tearing up and putting into my collage work.

I hadnever been to something like this show before and didn't really know where to begin, but perservering and asking questions helped a lot to gain confidence. I also purchased a small elementary text book of anatomy, physiology and hygiene again with really neat diagrams and yellowed pages. As well I got two small log books with handwriting, one a personal log book for someone buuiding an aircraft and the other a small farm income log with lots of mathematical calcualtions scribbled throughout. The types of items that you would find at this sale are: paper money, stamps, comic books, regular books, maps, old brochures, advertising, sports cards, magazines, post cards, autographs, paperbacks, postal covers, photographs, complete photograph albums, cigarette cards, catlogues, posters, newspapers - and tons more!

This group will hold another book and paper show in the same venue in November.


A couple of weeks ago I took a 2-day workshop with Master collage artist and author Nick Bantock. The class was a lot of fun and we worked hard. I learned a lot and returned to my studio full of steam and inspiration.  Nick is a great teacher.

Nick and his partner Joyce live on Salt Spring Island and on June 2 they will be opening in Ganges their brand new gallery, studio and workshop called "The Forgetting Room". Nick will be offering workshops there and for information email Joyce:

Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock