Newspaper collage


Create your own unique collage papers.

These are unique embellished sheets that are fun to create and have on hand for creating exciting backgrounds, rich environments and main elements in your collage work; tear these papers into small bits and pieces & adhere to paper or canvas support.

Newspaper collage is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. It is "freeing" to paint on good old cheap newspaper, putting aside hang-ups that arise when working on good paper. Something magical happens in the studio and to your mindset once you start this playful process.

  1. On a sheet of newspaper loosely apply a mix of watered down white gesso (or acrylic paint) over most of the surface. Apply this mix thin enough to still see the text showing through here and there on the sheet.
  2. For variety apply full strenth gesso/paint in a few areas; scratch or write through the heavier mix with a tool or pencil for texture.
  3. Once the surface is dry - write poetry, phrases, words...with a black Sharpie permanent marker here and there over the entire surface.
  4. Paint areas of colour varying it from a thin transparent glaze to a more opaque and thick mix. Scratch texture and patterns into some of the areas of the thicker wet paint.
  5. Once the surface is dry - stamp patterns and texture all over the sheet with small, medium and large shapes.
  6. Continue to stamp, draw and apply transparent and translucent glazes over the entire sheet.

Remember that the sheet will be torn into smaller pieces - so each area needs to bave enought texture and interest.