Tangled seaweed clusters, decaying and breaking down in the December time period.


Intertidal area of Big Beach, Ucluelet, BC in the May time period.



SeaForms: The Nature of Creation - Mixed Media Collage work by Jill Ehlert at The Chapel Gallery opening Friday September 21, 2018 5:00-7:00 with an artist talk at 5:30. Show continues to October 31, 2018.



Click here to view more photos from the opening night and to watch a video of Jill describing her sources of inspiration and some of her art processes.



June trip to Ucluelet and Tofino, BC

Drawing inspiration from dried seaweed root balls

Holbein water brush and Van Gogh waterclours, Stillman and Birn Delta series sketchbook.

Holbein water brush and Van Gogh waterclours, Stillman and Birn Delta series sketchbook.

Collecting dried out seaweed root balls for drawing. They feel and look like wood and have a charred look as if they have been burnt, but they are not. These root balls have the most wonderful textures.  with lots of complex networking - a good challenge to draw. Compare the root balls in the top row to the bottom three images, which are seaweeds recently washed up on the beach. The photo's taken in  December 2016 and '15 show some of the many seaweed clusters containing a variety of seaweeds, which are decaying and deteriorating. Going back to that same exact spot is where I collected these dried root balls. The piles are still there but have really shrunk in size to the once huge mass and tangle. I had to really look hard to find my collection, part of which is in the last photo..


Overlooking Brown's Beach, Ucluelet, BC.

The quick blind contour drawings below were inspired by the water motion at Brown's Beach, Uculelet, BC as shown in the video above. Sitting up high on a rock totally mesmerized by the movement of the water below and drawing what I was feeling.

At Pettinger Point looking towards Frank Island and the tombolo at Chesterman's Beach - near Tofino, BC.

Whale Bones

I am sure these photos of whale bone will enter into my drawings. These were taken from a whale skeleton in one of the shops in Tofino.

Inspiration from the beach for further drawings and mark making


Ucluelet, BC Christmas vacation 2016

We had a wonderful 12 days on the west coast staying at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, BC. We ate a few meals at Howler's Family Restaurant and Amusements where I photographed the sign "Life is Short - Break the Rules". The next two images with trees are view from our balcony, a sunset image and rainy day image, which has flames from our fire place reflected in the window. Interesting seaweed clusters on the beach again this year like last year. Collected some interesting seaweeds and debris. The ocean-worn beverage can echoes the look of the mussel shell. I got a nice little collection of shells and was lucky to find half of an abalone shell - fully intact.  The last picture shows the snow at the top of Sutton Pass on our drive home, this pass is half way between Ucluelet and Port Alberni. It was a great holiday, laid back - I miss it already. I always feel so connected and immersed in Nature when I am at Long Beach.


My sources of inspirtation - Big Beaach at Ucluelet, BC

All Photos, video and artwork by Jill Ehlert ©


Intertidal Zone and tidal pools. Ucluelet, BC Canada

Sketch Book work - click on a thumbnail to see a slideshow

The work in my sketch book was done in my room looking down onto the beach below. I was focusing on the black rocks. The last six, I was having fun with mark making -the last two were inspired from the amazing colours and magical world of all the species I saw at the Ucluelet Aquarium.

Great painting location

Using "Old Mans Beard" -a type of lichen that grows on trees had blown onto the beach. I used this to paint with for extra texture. I wet the watercolour paper with sea water and then dragged the paper over the rocks to create line work. A background for future work.

Burned beach log as a mark-making tool

This burnt log was on the beach, I used it to apply charcoal marks on my paper by dragging my paper across it. The green marks are from leaves I dragged the paper over and used a rock o pound some of the colour out.. These pieces will make a good backgrounds for future work.


These will make great mark making tools in my drawings. Dipping the tool into India ink, walnut ink, etc.