Acrylic applications and techniques

"Bombastic Plastic" by Patti Brady

Acrylic on Plexiglass

While at the Learning & Product Expo in Chicago this summer, GOLDEN Working Artists Program Director Patti Brady, demonstrated the limitless possibilities of GOLDEN Acrylics, specifically Coarse Molding Paste. View the video to get a step-by-step look at her use of this new product and to better understand how you may be able to incorporate Golden Gels & Mediums into your artwork. GOLDEN Gels are the undiscovered and under-utilized secret of acrylic materials. No other medium offers artists the incredible array of options in surfaces, viscosities, transparencies, textures, glazes and extending possibilities, while maintaining great flexibility and a relatively quick drying time.

 Blue Squirt By Patti Brady

Blue Squirt By Patti Brady

Patti Brady


There is vast  array of applications and techinques on the Golden Paints website, for example:

Gels, Mediums & Additives

"Light Molding Paste", "Gels are cool", "Gel "Skins", "Direct Image Transfers",  "Working with Clear Tar Gel", Sgraffito Effects with Heavy Gel", "Gels as a Drawing Ground"...