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Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady

Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady shows readers how to use acrylic paint in a variety of ways. Acrylic can mimic oil paint, watercolor, gouache and encaustic; it can be applied in subtle transparent washes, or troweled as a heavy thick impasto; it can be as transparent as glass or as dense and black as tar. Because of its ever-changing state, the author and contributors are covering the most popular techniques for acrylic, making them accessible to the contemporary artist and crafter thorough a variety of mini-demonstrations followed by full demonstrations that show how to transform those techniques into finished paintings.

Takes an in-depth approach to the most popular techniques with 27 mini-demonstrations and 10 full demonstrations that show how to incorporate the featured techniques into completed paintings. (This info is from amazon.com)


Patti Brady at work in her studio

Patti Bradyis the Working Artist Program Director for Golden Artist Colors. She has developed curriculum for acrylic classes for artists and art educators. Patti currently has trained and manages 42 national and international artists for the Golden Working Artist Program in the US. Canada, Korea, France, Austria, Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands. 2004 and 2006 she traveled to Japan for Golden Artist Colors to lecture at Universities in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Her paintings and prints have been exhibited nationally and reviewed by the New York Times. She has exhibited at the Brand Library, Glendale, CA., Arch Gallery, Chicago, IL, Mills College, Oakland and U.C. Berkeley CA., Greenville Museum, Lander College and University of South Carolina. Furman University and the Govener's School.

Gingham Sprung - Patti Brady

Acrylic and Fabric on Panel