Barbara Ann Scott

Barbara Scott, a good friend of mine will be exhibiting new work:

The Gallery at Qualicum Art Supply

 206 First Avenue West, Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

February 25 - April 27, 2013

February 17, 2016

Carmen Mongeau - New Collages

Visit Carmen's website here:

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"Proof of Identification"

   "CONNECTION"   - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

"CONNECTION"  - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

   "BECOMING"   - Jill Ehlert   ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

"BECOMING"  - Jill Ehlert   ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

Proof Of Identification

"Connection", "Becoming" and "Grow into You" (the painting below) are part of a series of 15 paintings that I created for the upcoming group show "Proof of Identification". Information on the show is in the August 25th entry.

About this body of work

Over the years I have created a lexicon of symbols that have special meaning to me that I use as metaphors for my personal visual language. These "identifiers": chrysalis, butterfly, seed-pod, ladder, honeycomb, ruler, ABC, 123, spiral, double helix, cells...for example work together with chosen themes. These combined ideas and images in turn inform my mark making and direct the "look and feel" of the piece. This is an intuitive process with painting multiple layers of marks, text, shapes, line and colour. I am interested in themes of life, death and rebirth; transformation and metamorphosis; the ancient and the primordial. My abstract paintings are created by applying a rich layering process of mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, drawing, stamping, scratching, subtracting...combined with a layering of imagination, intuition, metaphor, memories, dreams and symbols.

Check out the new photo album "Proof Of Identification" in the left margin to see all 15 paintings.

New Work by Kirsten Brand at "The Gallery at the MAC"

Kirsten Brand -Flower Boats #3 - Acrylic and botanical specimens on Canvas, 36 x 36

Kirsten Brand - Flower Boats # 2, Acrylic, with botanical specimens on Canvas, 36 X 48

Kirsten is a good friend of mine who is having an upcoming art show; here is the information on her show followedby her artist statement.


Opening Reception Monday, January 26, 7-9 pm

The Gallery at the MAC, Lower Space, McPherson Playhouse, #3 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC

January 26 through March 16

Gallery hours during performances or by appointment (250) 361-0800

Kirsten Brand

Artist Statement

I am a Victoria born painter and have been studying and producing art since early childhood.

I believe nature has a natural harmony. The beauty, profusion and growth rhythms of flowers and plant life create a visual music for me. I use bold colour and floral and plant forms to convey the vitality, energy, and movement of the life force.

The human figure appears in some of my work to symbolize our infinite love and fascination for, as well as dependence upon botanical life.

In my current work I take real pieces of nature in the form of dried, pressed, plants from their outdoor landscapes where a chaos of texture, colour, and pattern reign supreme, and place them in an abstract setting of painterly texture, colour, and pattern.

I am intrigued by the play between something real and abstract both working together to create a work.

The idea of "regeneration" applies because I would like the viewer to see nature again and in a different way, connecting physically – hence the texture – giving them a sense of feeling the touch of the surface in order to heighten awareness and joy about what is given us.

Mary Stewart

 Mary Stewart "60 Cycles Per Second" 12" X 12" Mixed Media

Mary Stewart is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists - several months ago she received  Associate (AFCA) Status. This status is achieved through a selective process of those Active members consistently having demonstrated superior ability in the General Members' Exhibitions and through other jury criteria. 

The painting "60 Cycles per Second" won an FCA Award in the show Canvas Unbound II which was held at the Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC - May 29 - June 10 2007. This painting also graced the cover of "art avenue"  a publication of the Federation. (Vol. 7 - No.5 September /October 2007)

Mary describes this painting: "Houses and their symbolic parts have appeared in my artwork since our purchase of a 1918 Craftsman style house in need of restoration. My husband recently replaced the entire elctrical system and as his "apprentice" I became familiar with some of the terminology. "60 cylces per second" is the standard frequency (hertz) for household elecrtrical current in North America.

My painting is a collaged mixed media piece that started with old schematic drawings and an electrical template. The warm oranges and reds represent the heat genereated by electicity. Their placement on the cool coloured background causes the viewer's eye to "cycle" around the canvas."

More of Mary's work can be seen in the Summer 2007 show also shown at the Federation Gallery.

Mary also operates "Vancouver Island Workshops" in Nanaimo, BC. Over the past several years Mary has  brought to Nanaimo many well known artists from Canada and the United States to teach 5-day workshops. I have attended several of these workshops with artists such as Gerald Brommer, Carole Barnes, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Ann Zelinksi, Suzanne Northcott, Jane Pederson and Carolyn Houg. In the spring of 2009 Mary has Pat Dews teaching a 5-day workshop.

Mary is a brilliant workshop organizer who creates a wonderful atmosphere that is comfortable for both teacher and student. She works tirelessly to produce a workshop experience that the student can relax in and enjoy every moment. Mary's behind the scenes work takes care of every detail, right down to a never ending supply of coffee, tea and snacks, such as the famous cheese ball, veggies and decadent desserts offered thoughout the day. Thank you Mary for all the hard work that you do.

Carla O'Connor

  Carla O'Connor  -  Time Travellers  30" X 22" Gouache

Carla O'Connor - Time Travellers 30" X 22" Gouache

 Carla O'Connor - Beach Walkers 30" X 40" Gouache 

Carla O'Connor - Beach Walkers 30" X 40" Gouache 


Creative Catalyst Productions  produces the highest quality art instruction videos for many skill levels in a variety of mediums. I own several of these DVD's and I have found them to be a first class product and they are very informative . The most recent one that I purchased is by Carla O'Connor.

Creative Catalyst Productions states on their website :

"Carlahas worked extensively with all media, from oil to pastel, but eventually found her love in gouache. She believes every medium is capable of saying something different. Gouache was the one that finally spoke truest to her. With gouache Carla creates shapes (she's a self described "shape maker"), using the human form as her guide. As an artist, Carla focuses on design. Many of her workshops focus on incorporating design principles into students' work.

Carla's art world extends far beyond her canvas. She has become a much sought-after workshop instructor and has taught all over the world. She has served on juries for prestigious national and international exhibitions, including shows for the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the Adirondacks International Exhibition of American Watercolors."

I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Carla about 5 years ago - she is a fabulous and gifted teacher. Carla is well organized and I got a week packed with information that was worth its weight in gold.

Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting 1927–1937

Joan Miró

 Montroig, Spain late July–early October 1929

Conté crayon, gouache, ink, flocked paper, newspaper, abrasive cloth, and various papers on flocked paper, 28 5/8 x 42 3/4” (72.7 x 108.6 cm)

The Museum of Modern Art, New York. James Thrall Soby FundPhotograph: John Wronn. © 2008 Successió Miró/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris   

Joan Miró


Montroig, Spain,  late July–early October 1929

Conté crayon, ink, and flocked paper on paper, 28 15/16 x 22 1/16” (73.5 x 56 cm)

Private collection. Courtesy Malingue S.A., Paris, and Waddington Galleries, LondonWaddington Galleries, London. © 2008 Successió Miró/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris

Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting 1927–1937

Museum of Modern Art

   Click: Miro at MoMAto see the online exhibition - this is a super presentation and teaching tool, once you click on the first painting in each series click again on the explore icon, you hear the voice of the curator and conservator describing and explaining the meaning and techique behind each series. You can zoom in on each piece and many have a written description of the process. Very interesting.

THe Museum of Modern Art states: "This is the first major museum exhibition to identify the core practices and strategies Miró used to attack and reinvigorate painting between 1927 and 1937, a transformative decade within his long career. Taking his notorious claim—“I want to assassinate painting” —as its point of departure, the exhibition explores twelve of Miró’s sustained series from this decade, beginning with a 1927 group of works on canvas that appears to be raw and concluding with 1937’s singular, hallucinatory painting, Still Life with Old Shoe. Acidic color, grotesque disfigurement, purposeful stylistic heterogeneity, and the use of collage and readymade materials are among the aggressive tactics that Miró used in pursuit of his goal. By assembling in unprecedented depth the interrelated series of paintings, collages, objects, and drawings of this decade, this exhibition repeatedly poses the question of what painting meant to Miró and what he proposed as its opposite, and in the process reveals the artist’s paradoxical nature: an artist of violence and resistance who never ceased to be a painter, a creator of forms. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition".

Diane McCarten

    "PRESENT PASSAGE" BY Diane McCarten

"The present is continuously passing away & yet it is always here".

This painting of Diane's is part of a group show in Houston, Texas. 10+ is a Houston based artists' group that has been gathering monthly for over 12 years "to share our lives, objectively review our art work & support each other on our artistic journeys. This past year we agreed to read Tolle's book, A New Earth, and to use it as a point of departure for creating individual visual responses to a portion of the book that especially resonated with each one of us. This show, "Present", is the result of our introspection and reaction. Each diverse creation, using color, line & design, holds its own conclusions & truths. Displayed here together, the works acknowledge our collective instinct to connect with one other consciously & respectfully".




"Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image": is the latest DVD to be released by Creative Catalyst Productions.

In this DVD Cobb demonstrates her process as she creates three abstract paintings, selecting options that highlight different design elements. The video includes 105 minutes of instruction and demonstration and a 37 minute interview.

Cobb states that she gets her inspiration from the painting itself. In the midst of her process she pays attention to what is going on - she looks at the marks of colour, the various pieces or shapes and these determine what he next step will be.

I like this DVD - Viginia is clear and concise in her descriptions and it is an easy process to follow. It inspired me to get out a squeegee and brayer and get going on my own "process painting." I got my squeegee at Rona (their brand) for under $4.oo. Lots of fun.

Check out Virginia Cobb's website - I am sure you will be inspired.