SeaForms: The Nature of Creation in The Chapel Gallery

These are a few of the photos of the show SeaForms: The Nature of Creation hanging in The Chapel Gallery. Click here to see more.

These are a few of the mixed media collages in the show. Click here to see all the works.

Art Opening: SeaForms: The Nature of Creation

SeaForms: The Nature of Creation - Mixed Media Collage work by Jill Ehlert at The Chapel Gallery opening Friday September 21, 2018 5:00-7:00 with an artist talk at 5:30. Show continues to October 31, 2018.

The Chapel Gallery @ St. Matthias


Click here to view more photos from the opening night and to watch a video of Jill describing her sources of inspiration and some of her art processes.

Artist Talk

Barbara Ann Scott

Barbara Scott, a good friend of mine will be exhibiting new work:

The Gallery at Qualicum Art Supply

 206 First Avenue West, Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

February 25 - April 27, 2013

February 17, 2016

Carmen Mongeau - New Collages

Visit Carmen's website here: http://www.carmenmongeau.com/

click on thumbnails to see larger images:


"Unscripted" Abstract Painting Show

I am pleased to announce the show "Unscripted", everyone in the show is a friend of mine and I was happy to have been in two Steven Aimone workshops with them. I am not in this show but I am so proud of everyone. This abstract painting show is fabulous and one not to be missed!

Steven Aimone is a workshop instructor from North Carolina who has taught 5 workshops in Nanaimo, BC throughVancouver Island Workshops. In April Steven taught an 5-day  intense graduate workshop. "Unscripted" is a group show of all those artists in attendance at that workshop.

Steven will be back on Vancouver Island to teach a workshop October 29 - November 2. He will  be at TOSH this Saturday October 27 to give a lecture in conjunction with the show "Unscripted".

"Proof of Identification"

"CONNECTION"   - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

"CONNECTION"  - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

"BECOMING"   - Jill Ehlert   ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

"BECOMING"  - Jill Ehlert   ©  12" X 12" - Mixed Media on Canvas

Proof Of Identification

"Connection", "Becoming" and "Grow into You" (the painting below) are part of a series of 15 paintings that I created for the upcoming group show "Proof of Identification". Information on the show is in the August 25th entry.

About this body of work

Over the years I have created a lexicon of symbols that have special meaning to me that I use as metaphors for my personal visual language. These "identifiers": chrysalis, butterfly, seed-pod, ladder, honeycomb, ruler, ABC, 123, spiral, double helix, cells...for example work together with chosen themes. These combined ideas and images in turn inform my mark making and direct the "look and feel" of the piece. This is an intuitive process with painting multiple layers of marks, text, shapes, line and colour. I am interested in themes of life, death and rebirth; transformation and metamorphosis; the ancient and the primordial. My abstract paintings are created by applying a rich layering process of mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, drawing, stamping, scratching, subtracting...combined with a layering of imagination, intuition, metaphor, memories, dreams and symbols.

Check out the new photo album "Proof Of Identification" in the left margin to see all 15 paintings.

"Upcoming Art Show"

"Grow into You"   - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" Molding Paste & Mixed-media on Cradle Board

"Grow into You"  - Jill Ehlert  ©  12" X 12" Molding Paste & Mixed-media on Cradle Board


"Work that addresses ideas surrounding identity through mark-making, text and  handwriting"









2549 QUADRA STREET  VICTORIA BC  250.380-3500   www.slideroomgallery.com

Bamfield Painting

"THE BIG WORLD OF SMALL"  -  Jill Ehlert  © 24" X 36" Acrylic, mixed media on canvas

"THE BIG WORLD OF SMALL"  - Jill Ehlert © 24" X 36" Acrylic, mixed media on canvas

 "The Big World of Small" was inspired during my attendance at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Check out my  blog for various descriptions of this adventure.

This painting was part of the fund raising art exhibit

 "Oceans of Art" held June 11 - 27th 2009 in Nanaimo, BC.

Oceans of Art

 is a fund raising collaboration between Art and Science. Artists inspired at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre  contributed work for sale, and non-gallery proceeds will provide bursaries for schools to participate in BMSC's Public Education Program. The paintings are now on display at BMSC's RIX Centre for Ocean Discoveries.

My painting is actually still showing at the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

New Work by Kirsten Brand at "The Gallery at the MAC"

Kirsten Brand -Flower Boats #3 - Acrylic and botanical specimens on Canvas, 36 x 36

Kirsten Brand - Flower Boats # 2, Acrylic, with botanical specimens on Canvas, 36 X 48

Kirsten is a good friend of mine who is having an upcoming art show; here is the information on her show followedby her artist statement.


Opening Reception Monday, January 26, 7-9 pm

The Gallery at the MAC, Lower Space, McPherson Playhouse, #3 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC

January 26 through March 16

Gallery hours during performances or by appointment (250) 361-0800



Kirsten Brand

Artist Statement

I am a Victoria born painter and have been studying and producing art since early childhood.

I believe nature has a natural harmony. The beauty, profusion and growth rhythms of flowers and plant life create a visual music for me. I use bold colour and floral and plant forms to convey the vitality, energy, and movement of the life force.

The human figure appears in some of my work to symbolize our infinite love and fascination for, as well as dependence upon botanical life.

In my current work I take real pieces of nature in the form of dried, pressed, plants from their outdoor landscapes where a chaos of texture, colour, and pattern reign supreme, and place them in an abstract setting of painterly texture, colour, and pattern.

I am intrigued by the play between something real and abstract both working together to create a work.

The idea of "regeneration" applies because I would like the viewer to see nature again and in a different way, connecting physically – hence the texture – giving them a sense of feeling the touch of the surface in order to heighten awareness and joy about what is given us.

Crossing the Line

"Crossing the Line" - December 6 - December 24, 2008

An exhibition of work derived from the drawings at the Slide Room Exhibition.

Opening Reception: December 6, 2008 7-9 pm

Martin Bachelor Gallery

712 Cormorant Street, Victoria, B.C.

250 385 7919

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Making a Mark Collective

Sylvia Bews-Wright, Cheryl Taves

Maggie ColeWren Katzalay

In June 2007 the Fran Willis Gallery sadly held its last exhibition before closing its doors. Sharing the south wall of the gallery was the work of these four Victoria artists.

It was through the closing of one door - the Fran Willis Gallery - that we opened another by coming together to form Making a Mark. Over the course of the last year we have come to appreciate the extent to which artists can support, encourage, and facilitate the exhibition and creation of one another's work. We have beeen delighted to discover that we do, as we first thought, share an aesthetic, be it through our use of strong gestural marks, our willingness to experiment and have the courage to work with a variety of materials, or our determination to reveal our life experiences, and inner-most thoughts, through our work. As members of Making a Mark, we want to "speak" to a wide audience and by so doing share what we have created on and beneath the surface both as individuals and as a group of women artists."


Painting by Kristine Paton

Painting by Kristine Paton

 December 11 -22, 2008 in the Slide Room Gallery at the

Vancouver Island School of Art Curatorial Intern: Sarah Harper

Through sculpture, painting, drawing, collage and installation with found objects, six diverse artists broaden their relationship to the work and with each other. Accepting the challenge to create from a purely chromatic grey palette, each of the artists expects to transform her artistic experience by exploring personal colour preferences and "mixing it up".

Participants: Ira Hoffecker, Joanne Hewko, Jan Henry, Deborah Delaney, , Kristine Paton

Kristine Paton.

Opening reception, Thursday, December 11@ 7:30 pm